I had an abundance of root vegetables from my CSA this late fall.  Here is my local midwestern version of a Korean Dongchimi.  Diakon  radish is usually used, but I used  Kohlrabi, rutabaga , and turnips.  I didn’t have any whole fresh chili peppers so they were omitted. They will spice up the kimchi a little.  My family enjoys this milder kimchi with noodles, rice and as a condiment with dinner.  
Dongchimi ~Mild Radish Kimchi Recipe
about 1/3 cup of Sea Salt
about 3 Tbs of sugar
10 cups of filtered water
5 lbs of root vegetable (diakonk, kohlrabi, rutabaga, turnips, parsnips)
8 cloves of garlic cut in half
2 inches of ginger root sliced thinly
3 green onions with greens  sliced into fourths
1 small onion sliced
You can also add:
2 -3 whole red chili peppers
2 – 3 whole green chili peppers
1 carrot diced
Clean glass jars with lids such as quart sized mason jars. May need several depending on the size of your jars.  
1. Make brine with sea salt, sugar and filtered water.  Taste to make sure it is not too salty or too sweet. It is better for brine to be slightly saltier than sweet. Add extra salt, sugar or water to adjust to taste.
2. Wash root vegetables, cut into 1inch cubes.
3. Place root vegetables, garlic, ginger, onions and optional peppers in a clean glass jar with a lid.  You may need to divide ingredients among a few jars
4. Pour brine into jar to cover veggies.  Leave about half an inch of air space from the top.  Tighten lid loosely. 
5. Place jars on a tray and leave out at room temperature for about 3 days.  As dongchimi ferments you will see little bubbles and some liquid may escape from jar.  
6.  After 3 days, taste to see if it is fizzy, slightly sour, and sweet taste.  If not, then leave out on counter another day (I had to leave mine out for 4 days).
7. Store in the refrigerator and enjoy with rice, noodles, meats.  You can dilute the brine with water and enjoy it as a refreshing, healthy probiotic rich beverage.