Winter Well-Being With Ayurveda 

Leaves have fallen….release.  There is a promise of snow. The squirrels are in their nests.  I look outside, and everywhere I see nature withdrawing, embracing a long season of rest and dormancy.  A sense of stillness is in the air.  Winter invites us to go inward, to slow down and rest.

According to Ayurveda, winter. has vata qualities of ether and air-cold, light, dry, rough, and movement are dominant. At the same time, the qualities of kapha, the qualities of earth and water emerge- cold, and stagnation.

Each season presents a unique set of qualities, which may create balance or an imbalance in one’s inner mind and body.   Ayurveda teaches we are part of nature, and changes in nature affect our mind, body, and spirit.

Creating a winter routine is very important and helpful to harness the balancing energy of winter.   We can adapt our diet and lifestyle, reducing the likelihood of winter induced imbalances, and, should they arise, we can gently encourage our body back toward its natural state of balance.

Three tips for winter well-being

1) Vata Balancing Diet

  • Enjoy foods that are cooked, warm, and soft
  • Enjoy one-pot dishes, stews, soups, casseroles
  • Include healthy oils in your diet-ghee, olive oil, sesame oil
  • Enjoy warm beverages and herbal teas
  • Eat greens but make sure to keep them warm and avoid raw vegetable
  • Enjoy foods with with sweet, salty, sweet (not sugary) tastes
  • Minimize foods with bitter, astringent, pungent tastes

    Ayurvedic Food Guidelines PDF by Dr. Vasant Ladd 

            Recipes for you
      Healthy Minestrone Soup, Instantpot and Stove top Recipe.         
            Ayurveda Ojas Balls with Sunflower Seeds
            Golden Turmeric Milk.   

2) Mindful Movement

3) Meditate and Breathe