Embrace Ease…

At the beginning of 2023 I discovered I had long-COVID19 when I started experiencing severe allergic reactions to foods and spices.  After changing my lifestyle, 10 months later, I can share that I am doing so much better!  

My path of  healing is guided by the wisdom of Ayurveda.  
The most important thing I needed to do was to give myself the space to heal, to embrace ease.   I allowed more time for rest, daily abhyanga, meditation, eating nourishing vata pitta balancing meals, daily meditation, calming yoga, and Reiki and Marma therapy.   After six months, the fog of long Covid lifted and other symptoms diminished.   And though my recovery isn’t complete, I know I am going to be okay, and better than before.  


Ayurvedic Wisdom, A Guide to Embrace Ease 

Embracing ease is for everyone!  Our modern world is fast based and very demanding.  Everyone benefits from embracing ease to build their Ojas- resilience, immune strength, and vitality.  





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Thank you for connecting with me  and allowing me to share the wisdom of Ayurveda and support you in your wellness journey.  I look forward to 2024 where we can both embrace ease together! 



Peace and light,