A cure for a hectic day is a cup of herbal tea.  It offers you a chance to relax along with other health benefits.  Have you made fresh herbal tea?  There is a big difference in taste and quality between herbal tea made from bag dried leaves, loose dried leaves, and fresh leaves.  Give yourself a treat by brewing up a fresh cup of herbal tea.  This summer I have an abundance of herbs, especially lemon balm and stevia.  Lemon-balm and stevia gives you a sweet and refreshing tea without added sugar.  
Lemon-balm is part of the mint family and offers a refreshing minty, lemon taste. Lemon-balm is known to improve digestion, and promote a calming effect (4).  
Stevia is an herb originating in South America.  It has been used in the green leaf form for centuries in Japan and South America as a sweetener (it is 30 to 40 times sweeter than sugar) and health remedies.  Some of the health benefits of stevia is successful diabetes management, decrease in high blood pressure, treatment for gingivitis for it’s antibacterial properties, and indigestion(1,2,3). 
Recipe for 5 cups of Lemon balm, Stevia Herbal Tea:
               1)Harvest a bunch of fresh organic lemon balm and organic stevia herbs:

                2) Rip apart leaves to attain 1 to 1 1/2 cup of herbs.  The stem of stevia plant 

                    may be used.

                      3) Boil 5 cups of filtered water.  Place lemon balm and stevia leaves into 
                          a pot.  

                      4) Pour boiled water over the leaves.  Cover pot and steep for 10 minutes.  

                     5) Pour herbal tea over a filter into your cup and ENJOY.


   Get creative and try some other combinations of herbs to brew.  Thyme and Stevia, 
   Mint and Stevia are two combinations I’ve tried from my herbal garden (can you tell I’m a fan 
    of stevia): 
Here is a good resource for making herbal teas:

Precaution:  If you have allergies, or any other medical concerns, check with your physician before you ingest herbs or other herbal products.