I’ve always enjoyed eating food!  And thanks to my Korean mother Chun Cha,  I’ve enjoyed eating healthy foods at an early age.  I think it’s the Korean culture, and also who my mother was and her desire to do what was best for her family.  I learned from an early age that food not only tasted delicious  satisfying your hunger, but that food was healing and full of powers to make you strong and healthy.  This blog is a dedication to my mother Chun Cha for loving her family to feed them healthy foods even when we didn’t appreciate it, for spending hours in the kitchen chopping vegetables, for being determined to serve her family traditional Korean food and sharing her culinary wisdom and skills with me.

I hope to share with you some helpful tidbits towards a healthy lifestyle and also healthy recipes that are Korean-American  and from other cultures.  I love all types of  traditional foods.  We have gotten out of touch with the wisdom traditional cultures can share though their foods.  Food is there not just to fill our stomachs, but to bring us in touch with who our ancestors were and nourish us to experience our present and the future.

Chun Cha cooking at home in Uijeongbu (어정부) South Korea