I started fermenting this batch of gluten free gochujang on March 20th.  After 30 days of fermenting, here is the final product.  The gochujang was salty so 5 Tbls of raw local honey was added to balance the paste.
How to use it in cooking~
Add to kimchee fried rice or regular fried rice for extra zing.  
Mix 1Tbls gochujang and 1tsp sesamee oils, chives, sesame seeds to Buckeheat Soba noodles or other noodles.  Add sliced cucumbers, carrots an other vegetables.  
Add to sauces for cooked vegetables.  
Use as a dip for steamed or raw vegetables. 
Add to marinade for meats and fish.  
Add to Bibimbap.
Use in lettuce wraps.