Perilla leaf is a minty herb and one of my favorite banchans (Korean sided dishes).  I purchased some perilla plant seeds from a local Korean grocer and planted them.  They have finally taken off and now have a bounty of Perilla plants in my garden ready to eat.  It has a minty, basil flavor and adds great flavor to salads, or used in a wrap for meats or vegetables.  
Perilla is native to India, China, Japan and Korea.  In Korea it is s called deulggaepul(들깨풀), and often as  “sesame “ leaf.  It is very nutritious with high levels of vitamin A and C, high in omega-3 fatty acid, rich in calcium (5 times more than spinach), iron, potassium, phosphorus, loaded with flavonoids, and a good anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory 

Perilla plant is used in Chinese medicine for digestive and respiratory support.  It is also used to eliminate heat from the body making it an ideal food to eat to keep pitta dosha in balance.  

Homegrown Perilla Leaf (Ggaennip 깻잎) Wrap (Ssam 쌈 ) with Quinoa and Radish Kimchi ~