Ayurveda understands How you eat is even more important than What you eat.

This is a bold statement.

When we recognize that eating is a sacred practice, we eat with awareness, respect, and gratitude. Proper digestion takes place allowing nutrients to be easily processed and used by our body to nourish, energize and heal.

“ Each Spoonful Contains the Universe~Pay attention to each spoonful of food.  As you bring it up to your mouth, use your mindfulness to be aware that this food is a gift of the whole universe. ….It takes only a few seconds to see that the food we’re holding in our spoon is the gift of our whole cosmos… When we chew we know that the universe is there in that bite of food.”  Thich Nhat Hanh

3 Steps Toward Mindful Eating

  • Begin each meal with three slow deep breaths and with a simple statement of grace or gratitude for the food set before you.


  • Eat in a calm environment.  The focus of your meal is your food.


  • Take your time when you eat, chewing your  food completely.

Following these three steps will help you to fully enjoy your food.  You will feel satisfied after your meal.  Mindful eating helps you to listen to your body’s signal that you are 75% full  and avoid overeating.  Proper digestion can take place to prevent gas, indigestion, bloating or feeling heavy.