Ginger -Lemon Tea, Inspired by Munay Sonco Retreat & Yoga Center  PRINT RECIPE

Betty Brown, CAS

Recently I had the opportunity to attend an Ayurveda-Yoga retreat in Sacred Valley, Peru lead by Kathy Yannucci with Kassa Yoga & Wellness.

We stayed at Munay Sonco Retreat & Yoga Center in Sacred Valley, Peru, and they made the most amazing Ginger-Lemon Tea.

It gives you a lift and helps you feel stronger when you feel tired and helps to alleviate some respiratory symptoms.

Ginger and lemons are both heating, and can increase Pitta dosha. So in the summer, just be cautious on how much you drink this beverage.

However, with traveling and feeling run down, my Vata dosha has spiked, so the warmth of the Ginger-Lemon tea is comforting as it balances my Vata dosha.

I don’t have the exact recipe from Munay Sonco, but here’s my version-

Ginger -Lemon Tea, Inspired by Munay Sonco Retreat & Yoga Center   

*Peel 1 medium ginger and slice it.

*Place ginger in a medium pot with 6 cups of water.

*Heat on low for 1.5 -2 hours until water reduces to about 3 cups.

*Then strain, and add juice from 2 medium lemons.

*Add a pinch of mineral salt and honey to taste.

*If the ginger is too strong, then dilute it with hot water and

add additional honey to taste (but it should not taste sweet).


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