Self-care is about being as kind to yourself, as you would be to your family, friends, neighbors or strangers.  It involves integrating self-compassion into your life so you can feel confident, manage daily stress with ease and  prevent burnout.

Self-care reminds you and others that you and your needs are important.  

You may be wondering  ‘what do I need?’ or ‘where do I begin?’ This is where Ayurveda can assist you.

Ayurveda offers 5000 years of experiencing in crafting a precise self-care routine. The first step is to discover your unique constitution or dosha.   By looking at your physical features, long-term tendencies and current state of Im-balance, you can see a clear picture of your unique constitution or dosha.

With this knowledge, you may then cultivate balance within yourself by using specific self-care practices to build resilience and vitality.

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