Now is a great time for a 7-Day Ayurvedic Spring Rejuvenation Cleanse.   Ayurveda teaches at the end of each season there is an accumulation of the properties of that season.   Spring is here and it’s time to shed the heavy and stagnant energy of winter. Shed the old layers to allow new growth, and feel vibrant.

Unlike other cleanses that emphasize extreme detoxing, fasting, and unbalanced diets, an Ayurvedic cleanse relies on a gentle, nourishing kitchari diet to rest the digestive tract, and support our body’s innate ability to cleanse.


  • Support the body’s natural cleansing process

  • Support gut health

  • Eliminate or reduce digestive symptoms, feeling heavy and lethargic

  • Promote regular elimination

  • Promote the release of old self-sabotaging habits and thought patterns

  • Restore a sense of calm to the mind and nervous system.

  • Foster clarity and a sense of grounding in our mind, body and heart

  • Promote sound sleep

  • Feel rejuvenated and energized


What to expect: 

  • Meet with Betty twice for 30 minutes on Zoom.  Meetings are recorded so you may watch them later

  • Receive daily emails with recipes, encouragement and support

  • Cleanse days 1-2, eat  fresh, vibrant, nourishing meals

  • Cleanse days 3-5,  eat delicious and nourishing Kithcari for all three meals *

  • Cleanse days 6-7, eat fresh, vibrant, nourishing meals

  • Use fresh herbs, spices and teas to support your cleanse

  • Mindful movement and balancing exercise

  • Guided meditation

  • Time for journaling and self-inquiry

  • Cultivate a sustainable self-care routine

Dates and Cost 

  • Saturday March 25 – Friday March 31, 2023

  • Cost is $25 (does not include cost of food or other products for the cleanse)


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